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In Conversation with Beatrice Zornek and Friends - Empathy

August 3, 2022

Do you really need more empathy to be an effective coach? Coach/ Supervisor Beatrice Zornek wrote in a Linked In post, "Clients need to trust the coach and to feel seen and supported. But “more empathy” is not a universal prescription like a supplement we should all take liberally. 


High levels of empathy often come with risks. Like absorbing emotions in the coaching space. We can end up worrying or even digesting emotions on our clients’ behalf. This is tiring, disempowering and ineffective for the client (and ourselves)."


So we invited Beatrice to come and explore this more deeply with Claire Pedrick MCC at The Coaching Inn.  She came along with two friends who are coaches and supervisors: Siobhán Cahalan and Todd Roache.


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